Mobility & Politics is a Transnational Research Collective based out of Carleton University, Ottawa with active members in Canada and beyond!


Introducing the Collective

EUCAnet interview Martin Geiger and Celeste Alcena about the M&P collective while in Halifax
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Upcoming Event

October 6, 2016
St. Patrick’s Building 100, Carleton University
Premiere of Migrant Dreams followed by a panel with
Prof. Min Sook Lee and Evelyn Encalada

Publication: Ageing, Gender, and Labour Migration

September 16, 2016
Foreword co-authored by Celeste Alcena

Research on Refugee Health Care in Ottawa

Research on Refugee Health Care in Ottawa
Devon Atherton and Emma Thuot 

Past Event

September 20, 2016 at the Senate Room- 608 Robertson Hall, Carleton University
Nick Vaughan-Williams

Past Event

September 14, 2016
Facebook as a Sampling Tool in Migration Research
With Steffen Pötzschke