We are very proud to share with you a symposium that a fellow member of the collective is co-planning in the Netherlands! Provided in brief is a description of the focus. Feel free to share or contact for more details!

NGOs & Migration Management
31 August 2016, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

 This symposium aims to examine how NGOs have influenced Europe’s refugee policy from a historical perspective. The conference will include presentations from a range of historians and social scientists looking at the response of NGOs to various past and present movements. The main questions that will be discussed are: What role do NGOs play in migration management and what factors have contributed to the success or failure of NGOs’ advocacy work?

The symposium is organized by Marlou Schrover, Irial Glynn and Teuntje Vosters.

 Please register @  t.s.vosters@hum.leidenuniv.nl – Admission will be €10,- per person. Lunch, coffee and snacks are included throughout the day and we invite you to join for drinks directly after the symposium.

Teuntje conference poster