Premiere of the documentary Migrant Dreams and panel ‘Women as indentured labourers in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program’

October 6th, 2016 from 6:00pm- 9:00pm (location TBD).

Join us on for a projection of the new and promising documentary Migrant Dreams (world premiere at HotDocs was on May 2) and a 2-person panel/discussion. Sitting on the panel will be multiple award-winning director Prof. Min Sook Lee (El Contrato, Hogtown, Tiger Spirit) and activist, member of the documentary, and doctoral candidate (OISE/University of Toronto) Evelyn Encalada.

The panel will focus on women as indentured labourers and their agency practices under Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Synopsis of the documentary: A group of low wage, migrant women farm workers dare to resist the systemic oppression and exploitation from their brokers and employers in small-town Leamington, Ontario.
Migrant Dreams exposes the underbelly of the Canadian government labour program that has built a system designed to empower brokers and growers who exploit, dehumanize and deceive migrant workers. Workers willing to pay exorbitant fees to work at minimum wage jobs packing the fruits and vegetables we eat in our homes, in Ontario. Migrant workers who deserve basic labour and human rights. Canada it seems, has failed them.