The Mobility & Politics Transnational Research Collective is proud to share some impressions of the second international workshop on “Managing Migration in World Society. International Organizations in Migration Politics”, held on March 30-31 in Ottawa, Canada.


The event brought together emerging and established scholars from Carleton and across the globe to discuss the growing involvement of international organizations in national, regional and global politics.


This two day workshop started off with an opening event at the Impact Hub in downtown Ottawa. The evening panel discussions concentrated on the topic of migration and how migration is portrayed in the media and by international organizations, for example in their efforts to make migrants more aware of the risks involved in migration, or to inform the public about refugees and migrants on the move. We also critically explored the increasing relevance of social media and computer apps in guiding migration and refugee movements, and in the political regulation of these flows.


The following day, taking place at Carleton University, explored the main theme of the workshop – the role of international organizations in migration politics – through a series of keynote contributions, panel discussions, a film screening and workshop sessions. There were 40 presentations made by the emerging and established scholars from Carleton and from across the globe, opening the floor to many meaningful discussions.


We are proud of this unique collaboration that made this workshop possible. From its planning to its implementation, the event involved students at different levels of their studies, as well as emerging and established scholars from Canada and beyond.


We, the students and emerging scholars in the transnational Mobility & Politics Collective are honoured to have been included in this unique event and would like to thank our sponsors for the generous support and Prof. Martin Geiger for his vision and guidance in helping us in organizing this event.


We at Mobility & Politics will continue to work eagerly toward bringing more initiatives to Carleton University, the Faculty of Public Affairs, the City of Ottawa and Canada.


Celeste Alcena * Amanda Bergmann * Fidan Karimli

on behalf of

Mobility & Politics, the Transnational Research Collective based out of Carleton University

Policy Talks covered some parts of the conference, and had a chance to sit down with some of the panel presenters to talk about their research. You can listen to the interviews here.