Ben Globerman

Ben Globerman

MA – EURUS, BA – Maj. Religion, Carleton University

Ben’s primary area of research is concerned with the development and institutionalization of asylum and migration policy. With a background in religious studies and philosophy, he hopes to explore theoretical drivers in policy formation and development.



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Globerman, B. 2016. Norms in Crisis: Examining the Effects of Securitization on Political Discourse during Elections in Canada and the EU. Presenter and Discussant. “State of the EU in Canada and in the Asia Pacific”. University of Victoria, Victoria. May 2016.


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Globerman, B. 2016. Uneasy Balance: State Interests Versus Shared Values in the Development of European Union Asylum Policy.  Panelist and Presenter. “Graduate Student Conference on the European Union”. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. February 2016.