Jay Ramasubramanyam

Jay Ramasubramanyam

PhD, Law and Legal Studies (Political Economy),

Carleton University

Jay is currently studying the protection available to forced migrants to new grounds of persecution that have led to increasing displacement in South Asia, by identifying the gaps in the capacity for current frameworks of protection to be able to extend its reach. Though human dimensions of climate change and impacts on mobility will feature prominently in his research, factors such as resource shortages, economic deprivation, state fragility, and other humanitarian crises, will also be conceptualized in his research. He will also critique and contest normative assumptions of climate change migration during his research.


Ramasubramanyam, J. (2016). The Right to a Remedy for Environmental Harm under the African Charter: Analysis on State Responsibility. Paper presented at the Human Rights and the Public Sphere in Africa Conference, Institute of African Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. March 4-5, 2016.

Ramasubramanyam, J. & Mihai, A. (2016). Conflict, Climate Change and Displacement: International Organizations and the Protection of a ‘Broader Category of Refugees’. Paper presented at the Workshop titled Managing Migration in World Society. International Organizations in Migration Politics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. March 10-11, 2016.

Ramasubramanyam, J. (2016). “Europe’s Non-States”: Identity and Status of Citizens of Unrecognized States. Paper presented at the European Community Studies Association’s 11th Biennial Conference, Halifax, Canada. May 10-11, 2016.

Ramasubramanyam, J. (2016). “Europe’s non-states”: The EU’s relationship with unrecognized states and implications on citizenship, identity and legal status. Paper presented at State of the EU in Canada and Pacific Asia Graduate Student Conference, European Centre for Excellence, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada. May 25-27, 2016.

Ramasubramanyam, J. (2016). Continuum of vulnerabilities: Urbanization Climate Change and Migration in South Asia. Paper presented at the Workshop titled Migration and Mobilities in an Urbanising World, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands. June 16-17, 2016.