Rights, Citizenship, and Activism

The world is continuing its path of rapid globalization and deepening global disparities, forcing even more people to migrate and leave their places of origin.

Global Culture, Transnationalism and Diaspora

Human migration and mobility are bringing people worldwide together and contributing to the creation of a genuine ‘global village’. 

Climate and Global Change

Climate and global change are urgent and emerging issues: natural disasters have become more frequent and severe, and changing landscapes are affecting access to resources, including food and water, threatening peoples’ welfare and ways of life.

Development, Health, and Humanitarian Aid

Development, health and humanitarian aid are closely connected with attempts of the international community to regulate, manage and respond to migration and refugee movements.

Displacement Refugees Asylum

Forced displacement results from any number of factors including but not limited to political, economic, social, religious, and ethnic reasons.

Temporary Migration – Permanent Exclusion?

Guest worker migration – the acceptance of migrant workers on a temporary basis combined with the expectation of these workers returning back to their home countries after some time – is a long standing practice in the history of labour migration.

Managing Migration for Innovation and Growth

Analyzing and comparing clusters in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Pacific region, our research projects are generating better understanding with the aim of supporting important policy reforms.

Public Policy and Global Governance

Public Policy and Global Governance is an intrinsically linked, multidisciplinary research field that analyzes responses to immigration, migrant and refugee issues across multiple levels and types of governance.

Borders, Detention, and Deportation

Border controls, the checking of passports and visas, and border surveillance are measures put into place to prevent unauthorized entries including presumable irregular migrants and false asylum claimants.